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Why is Launch of KakaoTalk's Mobile Wallet Delayed?

The release of the mobile money transfer service based on mobile messaging platform KakaoTalk has been delayed....

Mobile Money Transfer, APAC, Mobile Wallet

High Speed International Payments Coming Soon To Your Smartphone

World First has announced the launch of The World First Money Transfer App, which will enable users to make high-speed currency transfers directly from their portable devices....

Mobile Money Transfer, EMEA, Mobile App, World First

Kenya: Safaricom, KCB Deal to Counter Equity's Mobile Money Plan

KENYA Commercial Bank has partnered with Safaricom to offer a new product that converges financial and communication services to take on Equity Bank's planned mobile virtual network operation business....

Mobile Money Transfer, APAC, Safaricom, Kenya Commercial Bank

Evolution of mobile messengers continues

Money transfer, shopping, diverse other services will be available to users...

Mobile Money Transfer, APAC, Mobile Messaging

Africa’s mobile banking apps are a serious weapon in their war against the telcos

“The money that goes through the MTN eco-system in one month is more than the money that gone through all the commercial banks since inception”, that’s according to Vincent Kiyingi, Head of IT at Pride Microfinance Limited Uganda....

Mobile Banking, Mobile Money Transfer, APAC

Free mobile money transfers from MTN, Pick n Pay

MTN and retailer Pick n Pay have announced a new partnership to bring low-cost banking to South African consumers....

Mobile Money Transfer, APAC, MTN, Pick n Pay

WeChat is now a mobile money transfer app as well, but in China only for now

WeChat is many things already. So much more than WhatsApp, the app it started as a clone off. It’s so much more this anti-WhatsApp strength has actually been cited as a biggest weakness. But that’s not stopping the Chinese based messaging startup from becoming even more. The latest is that Chinese users of the app can now use it as a mobile money transfer tool as well....

Mobile Money Transfer, APAC, Mobile Apps, WeChat

MTN SA launches Visa payments card

MTN has launched a Visa card for Mobile Money users in South Africa, allowing them to pay for goods and services and withdraw money from ATMs....

Mobile Money Transfer, Mobile Payments, APAC, Visa, MTN

Mobile money, Bitcoin driving down African remittance costs

Mobile money and digital currencies are being used to boost remittances into Africa and drive down the cost of sending money to the continent, experts said on Wednesday. - See more at:

Mobile Money Transfer, APAC, Bitcoin, Digital Money

Mobile Money Services, Not Wallets Will Lead To Financial Inclusion

Alina Lewis Read more at:

Mobile Money Transfer, APAC, Mobile Wallets

The Power of Mobile Money

Obinna Chima and Nume Ekeghe write that mobile money has the potential to give millions of people access to payments, fund transfer services and also for accessing a broader range of financial services...

Mobile Money Transfer, APAC

Orange and BNP Paribas open new retail mobile banking services in Africa with Orange Money

Customers can transfer money to their Orange Money account directly from their BNP Paribas bank account, or vice versa, simply, quickly and securely...

Mobile Money Transfer, APAC, Orange, BNP Paribas

Soon, you won't need smartphone for mobile money transfers

FM might next month launch mobile banking services for people not using smartphones, the move aims at pushing financial inclusion in India...

Mobile Banking, Mobile Money Transfer, APAC, Smartphones

M-Pesa Can Score Big in Europe

Imagine that one day people from your country’s rural areas start paying with their mobiles....

Mobile Money Transfer, EMEA, M-PESA

Kenya's Digital Payments System Is Lapping Bitcoin Many Times Over

Last month, we talked about the difficulties mobile payment systems have experienced in breaking into emerging markets, and why the challenge for Bitcoin penetration would thus seem to be even greater....

Mobile Money Transfer, APAC, M-PESA, Bitcoin, Digital Money

Richard Branson joins $25m TransferWise funding round

High profile investors Richard Branson and Peter Thiel have joined a $25 million series b funding round for London-based international money transfer platform TransferWise....

Mobile Money Transfer, Americas

Facebook's Shock PayPal Poach Is Ultimate Move For Your Mobile Money

Facebook’s shock announcement – that it is poaching PayPal President David Marcus to run its messaging business – is perhaps its most audacious aim so far at becoming the company that can best transfer your mobile money....

Mobile Money Transfer, Mobile Payments, Americas, facebook, PayPal

Ten Days in Kenya With No Cash, Only a Phone

“Taxi, sir?” ...

Mobile Money Transfer, Mobile Payments, APAC

Tigo Tanzania adds 1 million mobile money users, eyes further growth

DAR ES SALAAM (Reuters) - Tigo Tanzania, a unit of emerging markets telecom group Millicom Cellular International, said it had added 1 million mobile money service users over the past year and now wants to expand further in the fast-growing market....

Mobile Money Transfer, APAC, Tigo

Airtel Ties Up With Tigo for Mobile Money Transfer

NEW DELHI: Bharti Airtel said it has tied up with African telecom operators Tigo and Zantel for providing customers in Tanzania mobile money transfer service across networks....

Mobile Money Transfer, APAC, Airtel, Tigo

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