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Bharti Airtel to launch cross-border money transfer service

Bharti Airtel is to launch a service that enables its money subscribers to send, receive and withdraw cash from their mobile wallets across international borders in East Africa....

Mobile Money Transfer, APAC, Bharti Airtel

Western Union Money Transfers Come To Walgreens And Duane Reed

Western Union is now allowing customers of Walgreens to transfer money domestically through a new Western Union stage-and-pay kiosk model. The kiosks will use the the Walgreens Balance Financial platform....

Mobile Money Transfer, Americas, Western Union, Walgreens, Duane Reed

Western Union Launches Self-service Money Transfer Kiosk Service in the UAE

Customers can now remit money on a 24/7 basis with over 580 kiosks conveniently located across the UAE The Western Union Company (NYSE: WU), a world-leading money transfer company, announced today that it has gone live with automated self-service kiosks in the UAE that allow customers to pay bills and send money to friends and family anywhere in the world via easy-to-use touch screen terminals on a 24x7 basis....

Mobile Money Transfer, APAC, Western Union

Safaricom loses battle to block Equity Bank’s thin sim card

Kenya: Integrated communications services provider, Safaricom, has lost the battle to block Equity Bank’s wholly owned subsidiary Finserve Africa from entering the lucrative mobile money services market using the Thin Sim technology....

Mobile Money Transfer, APAC, Safaricom, Equity Bank, SIM Card

Monitise revenues rise but losses grow

Monitise has posted a 31% rise in full year revenue but the mobile money firm's Ebitda losses widened as it took a short term hit on a decision to overhaul its business model....

Mobile Money Transfer, EMEA, Monitise

Western Union Launches Digital Remittance Business in Europe

World’s leading money transfer company, Western Union Co. (WU - Analyst Report) has launched online money transfer capabilities in Europe....

Mobile Money Transfer, EMEA, Western Union

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