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Indian e-commerce set to hit $ 6 billion mark in 2015

Electronic commerce in India is forecasted to reach 6 billion dollars, taking a huge jump of 70 % from previous 3.5 billion dollars....

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Taxes payable by mobile money in Kenya

Kenyans can now pay their taxes using Airtel's mobile money service....

Mobile Payments, APAC, Airtel

Pay your taxes through Airtel Money

Airtel has partnered with the Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) to offer Kenyan citizens an opportunity to pay their taxes through Airtel Money....

Mobile Payments, APAC, Airtel

Cape Town launches mobile transport app

THE City of Cape Town has launched a mobile transport application which it hopes will make it significantly easier for residents and visitors to move around the city....

APAC, Mobile App

Bharti Airtel to launch cross-border money transfer service

Bharti Airtel is to launch a service that enables its money subscribers to send, receive and withdraw cash from their mobile wallets across international borders in East Africa....

Mobile Money Transfer, APAC, Bharti Airtel

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