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GLOBA™ is a money transfer and transaction processing service for consumers on the African continents and their families, friends, and business associates living in the Diaspora. Africans who live abroad are the fastest growing money transfer and online buyers in the World today. They also constitute a major section of the western world’s financial contributors to economic growth and development with their ever spending habits. African’s are known to live, work, and spend their money frivolously. Their cash and carry mentality makes them a perfect target market for GLOBA™ because of their need to use the money they make to support themselves and their extended family members. Their ever growing use of online payment services to buy products and services, and their need to send money and goods home to family and friends makes them the most demanding class of consumers for the services that GLOBA™ offers.

Utilizing existing infrastructure, i.e. online and mobile transaction platform with an EFT backbone support systems and a voucher manager, GLOBA™ offers a better way for Africans worldwide to send, receive, and spend their money anywhere using our simple to use GLOBA ME™ services GLOBA Money Express). We offer a universal and seamless money transfer and payment solution to both consumers and merchants. Our services are divided into three sections namely consumer services, merchant services, and platform integration services. Our consumer services range from regular mobile to mobile money transfer, online transfer services, and prepaid money
voucher services. Our merchant services range from mobile phone to phone payment
acceptance, online transaction processor services, and a kiosk based prepaid money transfer service. Our Platform Integration Service offers an online transaction processor integration service to websites and online properties on the African continent, and a mobile application customization service for companies looking to brand GLOBA™ for their own needs.
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